I’m Not Dead

March 6, 2010

The only reason I’m back doing this blog is to prove to myself that I can be disciplined enough to write. In order to become a writer, I realize that And that includes hearing other established writers talk about how they wrote for 4 hours a day NO MATTER WHAT. I am definitely not doing that.

Actually, there’s another reason I’ve decided to continue with this: turns out I have stuff to say about politics. Yeah, I know, hey guess what, I think I’m the only blogger about political stuffs! But I was thinking about something the other day. I’ve always found it weird that people who care about the arts or are into music or paint or obsess about The Godfather are usually left of the Nolan chart. I can’t paint or play an instrument, but I’ve always loved music and I’ve been writing even longer than that. so that kind of takes care of that, I guess. And I realize maybe I’ve been reading Rolling Stone since I was 16, so that’s also probably influenced my liberal agenda, but since I was young enough to understand what a hanging chad was, I’ve always found it important to support my beliefs, no matter how biased they might be. I’m not talking about “Hollywood” or “the independent music scene” or anything I’ve followed with an unhealthy interest. I hope I can nail this right, but my parents were both believers of civil liberties, diversity, and especially religious toleration, and I pretty much had this figured out by the first time I got drunk when I was 18.

Hopefully, by combining my interest in music with my passing interest in liberal politics, I can get this going. Like I said, I’m gonna have to make this a priority in order for it to succeed, even though I know it will not succeed. Otherwise, it’s a second failure. Half-drunk and awake at 12:48 in the morning doesn’t help either. Here’s song of the day anyways:

To foreshadow things, Obama rules and the tea party is ridiculous.


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